Xose Manuel Beiras


Xose Manuel Beiras was born on the 7th of April 1936 in Santiago De Compostela, Galicia.  He was popularly known as Xose Manuel Madeira or simply Madeira.  He was a well known Galician writer, intellectual, economist and politician.


He was also a professor of Structural Economy at the Faculty of the Economic Sciences at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He was also a member of the Galician Nationalist Bloc or BNG and at present he is the leader of the Irmandiho Meeting an organization in Nottingham.

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Lecturas Compartidas

Lecturas Compartidas or Shared Reading is an ongoing project of Reading Libraries.  In some libraries, they welcome even college students to take part in shared reading for the younger students.  In this way, it will be easier for the community to promote the habit of reading among the younger generations of Galicia.

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Cando era Tempo de Inverno

Cando era Tempo de Inverno or When it was Winter Time was written by Pepa Barrios and Illustrated by Sotelo Blanco. This book presents a different life stories about the post war in Lugo and other provincial towns.  It presents a melody about winter memories presenting moments of unforgettable places and persons during that time.

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Roberto Vidal Bolano

Roberto Vidal Bolano was born on 1950 in Santiago and he died in 2002 in the same city.  He was a member of the “Group Abrente” which is responsible for the upgrading and renewing the written and dramatic representations of Galicia.  His activity is exclusively around the theater.

Roberto Bolano created the Carnival Group in 1975 and started his own theater company called “Here’s Theater”.  He also collaborated with the “Estaribel Theater”.  In 1978, he took the initiative to turn the Galician theater into professionals instead of being a “ghost amateur” which is considered as a milestone in the Galician theater.

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Kalandraka is an editorial publishing house in Pontevedra specializing in the publishing of children’s book.  It was created in 1998 from a group of educated people and experts in children’s literature including writers, broadcasters and animators.  It started with only two collections such as Dermademora and The Tales of Wiki Joker.

Over the years, it started to diversify its production with its new collections.  Kalandraka is the first ever publisher in Galician to edit a system in languages other than Galician and Spanish.

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Simone de Beauvoir non Naceu En Galego

Simone de Beauvoir non Naceu En Galego means Simone de Beauvoir was born not in GalicianSimone de Beauvoir was born in Paris, France on the 9th of January 1908.  She died on April 14, 1986 and she was considered as a great feminist, existentialist philosopher, and French novelist.   She was raised by a family with a strong and moral Christian values but she decided to deviate from her origins.

She studied Philosophy where she meets Jean-Paul Sarte where she had a relationship.  She became a professor of Philosophy and became a part of the French Resistance Movement.

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O Segundo Sexo Tomo I os Feitos e os Mitos

The O Segundo Sexo Tomo I os Feitos e os Mitos or The Second Sex Volume I the Facts and Myths is an essay form written by Simone de Beauvoir and translated by Marga Rodriguez Marcuno.  This work is essential for women movements because it is considered as the first draft of philosophical reflection for the interpretation of the feminine condition.


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Livro das Devoracions

Livro das Devoracions was written by an illustrious author, essayist, poet and professor – Pilar PallaresLivro das Devoracions or Rids the Devouring was considered as a milestone of the Galician poetry as it presents something new to the readers.  Miguel Bush even commented in the Epilogue of this book that it presents eloquence and or articulacy.

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Chamademe Simbad

Chamademe Simbad presents a fantastic and funny story about a boy named Paul or also known as the Sinbad the Sailor.  One of the main characters of the story is his grandfather who got an Alzheimer’s disease.  His grandfather frequently forgets things and he always says that the world is surrounded by pirates.  This becomes one of the finalists for the Fray Martin Sarmiento Award because of its extraordinary and heartwarming story.

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Oscar Villan

Oscar Villan was a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts with Specialization in Painting in the Facultade Ponteverda.  He illustrated the famous book Kalandraka which earned him the title of National Illustration Award in 1999.

He was also an illustrator of various published books including A strange Bug, A Clock with Feathers, The White Bear King, From the Cradle to the Moon, The Platypus and many others.

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